Monday, June 25, 2012

ImagineThat Photography

ImagineThat Photography want to help you get started in your modeling career. Professionally done portfolio at an affordable price.

Introducing our Model Portfolio package
10 Pictures which will consents of Full and
Head shots Formal, casual and bikini and professional shot .

1000L for the package

All photographs will be full perm so you can enter contest or show to varies agency.

If you need to have a picture done for a contest that requires to wear the clients outfit
will do it for a discounted price of 250 per pictures
Group members only. (You will recieve a group invite after you have gotten the Model Portfolio Package)

Model Portfolio Book 500L
will include pictures done by this studio and other pictures you would like to put in it. Full Perms on Photographs

Thank You for choosing ImagineThat Photography for your photography needs. Below is the price list.


1 Image $400L
3 Images $1000L
5 Images $1500L
10 Images $3500 ✰✰✰
✥ edited in photo shop
✥ in studio or on location shoot
✥ 1.5 hour shoot time
✥ turn around time 1 week

Two or More
1 Image $500L
3 Images $1300
5 Images $2000
10 Images $4000 ✰✰✰✰
✥ edited in photo shop
✥ in studio or on location shoot
✥ 1.5 hour shoot time
✥ turn around time 1 week

Morphing 1500 Per Picture

There is a 250L No refundable Sitting Deposit. Refund only if Studio cancels the shoot due to rl and a new date has been set Client will receive a 50% discount

We are also available for parties, weddings, and club shoots. These prices will be quoted at time of Booking.
$500 No refundable Deposit.

✾✾✾✾Please note, all photographs taken by ImagineThat Photography studios are property of the studio and may be used for advertising or display.✾✾✾✾

Thank you again for choosing ImagineThat Photography

Please Contact Babette Upshaw
Wulla Zabelin
for information and Bookin

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Missed yesturdayFashion Finals for May

Due to my road trip I missed yesturday show :( But Grads to the winners WOOT!!

I love NEW MEXICO woot glad I made this trip!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Vacation

Ok gonna to NEW MEXICO so wont be on here as much I been preparing for my trip and I set to leave tomorrow so I do hope to be online on SL from time to time and I WILL BE ON for Friday Fashion Styling show and Sunday for Master Styling Gods and Goddesses.

SO see you all then

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yes Finally made it and Congrats to Ania for being valedictorian May Class 2012

So this will be my last entry for my UCWS Blog until I go to advance Class in July. JUNE I heading to New mexico for fun and spending time with friends. 
But I will still be blogging so if you would please follow my other blog

Here I will be doing the fashion shows weekly and other special events.
Plus places I been and if I find any Hunts I put them there.

Thank you all for a wonderful month and I enjoyed every minute of it. I just wish RL let me 
Spend more time.

Hopefully I learn how to walk. I swear I do ok when I practice but the minute I step in front of everyone I start walking like I'm drunk LOL

Good luck with all of you and I wish you all the Best!!!!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Graduation is only a few days away. Friday June 1st at 3pm and I can hardly wait.